Duramax 86103 Rectangle Garden Bed (Brown)


For urban gardeners or plant enthusiasts in areas with poor soil, a garden bed can be the difference between a disappointing planting season and a lush, leafy harvest. This generously-sized planting box holds 5.75 cubic feet of soil, enabling gardeners to precisely control the type of soil, moisture content, nutrient mix, and other factors that direct ground planting typically won’t allow. Made of sturdy plastic resin, this weatherproof raised garden bed is built to last, planting season after planting season.

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The garden bed is made from UV protected PP plastic with simulated wood design. It is low-maintenance, durable, weather-resistant, and will not rot, crack or peel. You can stack another bed on top of each other to create a-20″- high garden bed as well as connecting multiple beds together to make it truly expandable. The plastic sides of this raised garden bed absorb heat to warm soil early in the season, then help retain moisture all summer long, no digging and little weeding required, just lots of delicious homegrown food. Unlike wood versions, this resin garden won’t rot, rust, fade or disintegrate. If you live in an area with poor soil, raised bed gardening lets you grow healthy vegetables and pretty flowers without ever worrying.

Large Area: Measuring 42” long by 23” wide and 10.6” high, this bed has plenty of room for ornamental flowers, vegetables, shrubbery, herbs, and more. Whether you prefer to mix several types of plants in one garden bed or need several different beds, this simple yet clever design allows you to easily plan out your garden and control which plants grow where.

Creates Borders: Certain plants grow rapidly under the right conditions – so rapidly they often overtake their botanical neighbors. The high walls of this garden bed frame keep traditionally zealous “growers” like mint, zucchini, and creeping vine-like plants contained, allowing gardeners to keep them in check with a little pruning or the addition of a trellis.

Weatherproof and Waterproof: Wooden garden beds often swell, chip, and splinter when subjected to a continuous cycle of watering, sunshine, and temperature differences. This plastic resin-constructed bed features a basket weave-like construction that keeps even sodden soil neatly contained, with UV-resistant, waterproof plastic that won’t absorb rainfall or daily waterings. In addition, this bed is safe for use with edible vegetables, fruit, and herbs: unlike some treated wood, it will not leach toxins like chromium, copper and arsenic into the soil.

Easy to Assemble: The slide-together construction of this plastic resin garden bed requires no power tools or specialty equipment to assemble, and the finished product is light enough for one person to move. Assembles in minutes with simple snap in panels. A must for any gardener eager to start their seedlings off on the right foot, this bed provides a secure, controllable soil environment for plants of all shapes and sizes.


  • Width: 43.4″
  • Depth: 21.7″
  • Height: 10.6″
  • Weight: 8 lbs.

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